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CEWIT Incubator Companies


Akai Kaeru

Akai Kaeru integrates advanced machine learning and AI into a unified interactive data visualization platform to allow informed decision making with complex multivariate data. It addresses the shortcomings of typical AI systems that tend to operate in the darkness of black boxes. In these systems, the input data are transformed into decisions without much human-readable justification. Akai Kaeru’s explainable AI software discovers and visually explains interesting patterns and causal relations in complex data, supporting data analysts in the construction of trustable decision-making AI models.  Say goodbye to tedious data exploration and instead gain quick access to the hidden information in your data within an easy to understand visual interface.

Dr. Klaus Mueller


Intelibs develops and provides unique 3G, 4G and WiFi wireless coverage and capacity solutions with products and services for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to meet U.S. carrier and enterprise wireless needs. Intelibs specialized to offer the Hybrid DAS solutions for large corporate, higher educational institution campuses where they need indoor and outdoor seamless wireless mobility. Hybrid DAS solution provides unified RF coverage with multi-technology, multi-carrier platform with scalable and flexible network architecture for variety of venues from single high rise to multi complex such as University campus, corporate building, hospitality and healthcare. Intelibs provides the turnkey solution for the wireless carriers and venue owners including the wireless equipment procurement, site survey, design, commissioning, optimization and remote monitoring and maintenance. With the unique carrier grade WiFi and 3G/4G cellular coverage solution, Intelibs provides the innovative business model enabling both the venue ownership and wireless service providers to work together to build the true mobility with the simple finance model. 

Seyong Park
Chief Executive Officer

Mechanismic, Inc. 

Mechanismic, Inc. works on SnappyXO, a DIY robotics education platform that pushes students to think outside the box while simultaneously teaching them many of the engineering principles they will need to succeed in the STEM workforce. SnappyXO enables students in elementary school through college to create robots using a set of hardware along with a motion design app. The platform merges an innovative design metaphor with a fast manufacturing process to enable mass customization. This capability, which sets SnappyXO apart from other platforms, allows students to not only build robots, but to design and prototype their own robot kits. 

Anurag Purwar

Softheon, Inc. 

Softheon is a data analytics and business intelligence software for health plans, founded in 2008 to address healthcare payer, provider and government agencies' goal of meeting Affordable Care Act (ACA) milestones. Softheon provides HIX Integration, Direct Enrollment, Premium Billing and Edge Server solutions for insurance carriers participating in Federal and State Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) Marketplaces. The company's Marketplace Connector Cloud (MC2) is a SaaS solution where insurers pay a one-time activation and ongoing PMPM, and is trusted by health plans in all 50 states with over +1 million enrolled. Authorized Web Broker Entity approved by the federal government to offer subsidized health insurance, Softheon is a leading player in the healthcare space with a proven track record in revenue growth and creation of new high-paying jobs.

Eugene Sayan
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sunrise Technology Inc.

Sunrise Technology, Inc. aims to develop artificial intelligence, deep neural networks and machine learning for autonomous systems.

Yu Sun

Zeblok Computational Inc. 

Zeblok Computational operates a cloud-native Artificial Intelligence Platform-as-a-Service (AI PaaS), with the objective of fundamentally transforming the way enterprises leverage AI within business processes everywhere. Zeblok’s AI PaaS provides a single unified environment, with familiar frameworks, high performance computing (HPC), an accelerated data lake, Edge connectivity and a growing library of curated AI algorithms, customized to enterprise-specific parameters. Proprietary container-based orchestration combines heterogeneous environments via abstraction and virtualization, includes built-in resource management, multi-tier workload distribution, both front- and back-end services and scale-out resource availability in minutes. Data scientists can begin in minutes, accessing the platform via a web browser, scaling seamlessly as necessary for model training and integration of runtime AI solutions into enterprise business processes from Core to Edge.

Mouli Narayanan, Founder & CEO
(631) 223-8233

Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technolgies builds tracking technology and solutions that generate actionable information and insight, giving companies unprecedented visibility into their businesses by giving physical things a digital voice.

Miroslav Trajkovic
Fellow Technical Staff

ZyDoc Medical Transcription, LLC

ZyDoc solves physician documentation problems with smartphone dictation and section-level EHR insertion within 1 hour by US background-checked, HIPAA certified staff with 24x7x365 support.

James Maisel
Chief Executive Officer