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Software Systems

The Software Systems Division focuses on developing and commercializing cutting-edge wireless/mobile computing and other software technologies including data management and analysis, data visualization, graphics and imaging, software and computer security, storage and file systems, distributed systems, user interface, Internet computing, software engineering, verification and optimization, parallel computing, statistical analysis and modeling, computational biology, and natural language processing. The research activities in this division include but are not limited to cyber-security, testing and verification, computer games, simulation and rendering, 3D visualization, cryptography, data modeling, algorithms, operating systems, geometric modeling, news and blog analysis, quality assurance, secure data management, virtual reality, file systems, augmented reality, bioinformatics, data mining and computational biology.

  • The Cloud Computing Benchmarking Project
  • Evidence-Based Utilization Management of NYS Medicaid Program
  • Instructional Technologies: The Future of Teaching and Learning
  • Novel Interaction Techniques for Virtual Environments
  • Volumetric Shape-DNA