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Systems and Infrastructure

The Systems and Infrastructure Division focuses on developing applications based on the research conducted in the other divisions. The division is not only advancing research in related fields, but is also creating solutions and systems for commercialization. The activities in this division include but are not limited to mobile technologies for social impact, image processing, robotics, social networks, data visualization and visual analytics, applications of sensor networks and signal processing, smart transit systems, learning, secure storage, service oriented architectures, fault diagnosis, web information systems, reconfigurable hardware, and regulatory compliance.

  • Advanced Documentation of Clinical Encounters and Context-Award Presentation for Next-Generation Electronic Medical Records
  • High-Dimensional Data Visualization Made Accessible Using Illustrative Techniques
  • Intelligent Mobile Technologies for Social lmpact
  • A Multi-Semantic, Goal-Oriented Programming Paradigm for Dependable Operation of Massively Distributed Reconfigurable Systems
  • Wireless Utility Monitoring and Control for Efficient Energy Utilization