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Healthcare and Medical Device Technologies (CEWIT-MD)

The Medical Division (CEWIT-MD) uses wireless and IT technologies to enhance the productivity and quality of healthcare, conducting the research and development leading to the engineering, prototyping, and commercialization of medical devices, products and technologies, which support patients and clinical care providers. The Division research areas are diverse and cover wireless medicine, the cardiovascular system, radiology, clinical pharmacology imaging modalities, virtual reality, telemedicine, wireless tracking, wireless ad hoc networks, optimized storage and communication of medical records and images, home-care medicine, computational genetics and protein docking, virtual colonoscopy, computational biology, implantable sensors and evidence-based medicine. CEWIT-MD furthermore combines related programs that are being researched and investigated on the SUNY campuses and its Medical Centers and identifies positive opportunities and barriers to wider adoption of wireless medical and healthcare technologies, developing recommendations for emerging healthcare needs.

  • Biomedical Contact Interface Diagnosis Based on Nonlinear Viscoelastic Model
  • Combined Near and Far Field UHF RFID Based Specimen Inventory and Tracking System
  • Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Fast, Accurate, and Remote Evaluation of Acute Chest Pain
  • Integrated Modeling and Learning of Multimodality Data Across Subjects for Brain Disorder Survey
  • Self-Powered Wireless Health Monitoring System