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CEWIT Advisory Board

The CEWIT Advisory Board is comprised of renowned business leaders, scientists, academic leaders and IT professionals from government. Our board members have founded companies, fueled economic growth, launched new businesses and products and have helped shape the scientific and technical policies of our country. This select group of high profile individuals acts as CEWIT's "think tank." The board not only provides advice, but also drives action. Their expertise and access to resources is a powerful asset in setting CEWIT's strategic direction and long range plans. On a quarterly basis, the board reviews CEWIT's research agenda and provides guidance and recommendations for future projects. The board also helps in identifying business needs to assure that our research aligns with the economic growth priorities of the nation, while moving forward the state of human knowledge. The focus on research and commercialization helps lay the foundation of the next generation of wireless and information technologies. The board also helps in connecting CEWIT staff with industry leaders in their respective sectors and facilitates commercialization of technologies through business partnerships and start up companies. 

Russ Artzt, Vice Chairman and Founder of CA serves as the Co-Chairman of the CEWIT Advisory Board. Russ is responsible for the evolution of CA's Enterprise IT Management (EITM) vision, the development of its Mid-Market Business Unit, and the definition of long-term growth strategy. Previously, Russ served as executive vice president of products, managing all product business units at CA, with particular focus on the integration of the company's industry-leading management software portfolio. Russ co-founded CA in 1976 with former CA Chairman Charles B. Wang and wrote the code for some of CA's first products. Throughout much of his career at CA, Russ served as executive vice president of research and development where he was instrumental in building CA's Research and Development and Field Services organizations. Prior to his current position, Russ led CA's e Trust security brand, overseeing all aspects of the company's award-winning eTrust security product line. Earlier, he ran CA's BrightStor storage product line, successfully spearheading an organizational model that unified development, support and marketing within a brand unit. 

With more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry as a technology leader, consultant and executive, Russ is a recognized expert in software development and project management. He has driven major communications, database, distributed processing, application development, storage and security management projects on heterogeneous platforms. Russ has been a keynote speaker at leading technical and business conferences worldwide. Russ is active with many charitable organizations. He is the founder/sponsor of a research group at Mount Sinai Hospital involved in researching cures for liver diseases, is a major sponsor of the Juvenile Diabetes organization and is a major supporter of North Shore University Hospital. In addition, he is a member of the Queens College Foundation Board of Trustees.