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Do You Have a Cool Business Idea?

Then sign up for the Stony Brook Entrepreneurship Challenge (SBEC) and win a share of $50,000 toward making your idea into a company. With the assistance of LaunchPad Stony Brook to encourage SBU student entrepreneurs, the Challenge will help you prepare to pitch your idea to a campus panel of experienced venture investors, entrepreneurs, and business services professionals - and go onto the regional and state competitions for more funding if you choose. You will be assigned a New York State Small Business Development Center business advisor and have access to intensive mentoring based on techniques from a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur to help you develop your business model, practice your pitch and become a partner of Stony Brook's "Cradle to Fortune 500" suite of business development programs. Open to any student/any level/any program.  


Complete and submit the Stage 1 Entry Form and will receive contact information and the schedule for the mentoring program. Your time is now! Apply by March 7, or by February 21 if you want to be assured of having a Small Business Development Center business adviser. You will receive an abbreviated slide deck format to present to a feedback panel for Stage 2 in late February/early March. Stage 3 will be your pitch to the campus funding panel during the week of March 23 - date TBA.

Need to KICKSTART your business idea generator?

Check out the Innovation Lab – coming in Spring 2015!