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The Arcon Group
The Arcon Group has developed FACT, a simple, objective clinical decision procedure which predicts a patient’s ability to live independently after hospitalization. By using artificial neural networks with data derived directly from the specific patient under care, and from other similar patients evaluated previously, a physician can accurately determine when each patient can live independently. This is critical to effective discharge planning and preventing untimely and costly readmissions. We are working with CEWIT & Stony Brook University Medical Center in order to re-affirm FACT’s accuracy.

David Puchkoff

Loren M. Fishman, MD, B.Phil., (oxon.)
(212) 472-0077

Scandent develops innovative and cost-effective RFID systems and solutions for a variety of applications. Its first commercial product is an RFID system that prevents the loss and theft of dentures, hearing aids, glasses, electronics and other personal and facility assets in nursing homes. The company has also developed and patented a novel RFID tag that is able to detect communication between other RFID tags and readers in its vicinity, and report this information through backscattering.

Petar M. Djuric



Charmtech Labs, LLC
Charmtech Labs LLC was founded with the goal of improving significantly the effectiveness and equity of access to the Web's vast resources for people with disabilities, mobile users, and anyone who wants to have a better web browsing experience. Charmtech’s mission is aligned with emerging market trends and its team has demonstrated success in building products, markets, and attracting SBIR funding to keep our momentum going. The main product that is being developed by Charmtech Labs, LLC is Capti – a universally accessible web browsing application enabling intuitive and usable web access for people with and without vision impairments on a variety of desktop and mobile platforms.

Sha Li
888-533-7884 x 1



Intelibs develops and provides unique 3G, 4G and WiFi wireless coverage and capacity solutions with products and services for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to meet U.S. carrier and enterprise wireless needs. Intelibs specialized to offer the Hybrid DAS solutions for large corporate, higher educational institution campuses where they need indoor and outdoor seamless wireless mobility. Hybrid DAS solution provides unified RF coverage with multi-technology, multi-carrier platform with scalable and flexible network architecture for variety of venues from single high rise to multi complex such as University campus, corporate building, hospitality and healthcare. Intelibs provides the turnkey solution for the wireless carriers and venue owners including the wireless equipment procurement, site survey, design, commissioning, optimization and remote monitoring and maintenance. With the unique carrier grade WiFi and 3G/4G cellular coverage solution, Intelibs provides the innovative business model enabling both the venue ownership and wireless service providers to work together to build the true mobility with the simple finance model.





ITRI - Cloud Computing Mobile Application Technology Center (CCMA)
Cloud Computing Mobile Application Technology Center (CCMA) was established inside Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in September 2009. The missions of CCMA are to constantly keep track of Cloud Computing’s business and technology landscapes, identify the technical directions for Taiwan’s Cloud Computing industry, formulate an industry development strategy for the government, and develop the missing hardware and/or software technologies to bridge the perceived gaps. As a technical research organization, CCMA has set up a “Data Center as a Computer” research program that aims to rethink the hardware and software technologies required in a loud-scale data center from a clean slate by treating the entire data center as an integrated computer system, and whose goal is to deliver an end-to-end data center solution that enables a cloud service provider to build and operate a mega cloud data center that is among the most efficient and capable in the world, at a fraction of the cost of incumbent vendors.
Currently, CCMA is focusing on the following two research projects:

  1. Container computer-based Data Center architecture: A highly modular, scalable, and available data center architecture that features an all-layer-2 data center network architecture, a distributed storage system architecture supporting end-to-end redundancy, a highly energy-efficient thermal management architecture, and a unified management software suite that enables the lights-out management philosophy.
  2. Cloud Operating System-A highly integrated data center software stack that is designed to support AWS-like IaaS services on commodity hardware, and offers users a one-stop-shopping solution that tightly integrate a set of disparate software components, including primary/secondary storage management, virtualization management, QoS enforcement, security, and system/network management.

George Hsieh



SchoolSource Technologies, LLC
School Source Technologies, LLC is a joint venture based company focused on “connecting innovation to education.” There is an increasing demand from School Districts to have the ability to view and analyze all of their information, including but not limited to data residing in Financial, Human Resources and Administrative systems, Student Management systems, and the increasing number of Learning Management tools that continue to evolve in the education market. SchoolSource Technologies is a New York based and New York focused company that will promote and facilitate key solutions and vendor collaboration, improve features and functionality to existing systems, identify and promote emerging technologies, and work cooperatively with the NYS Regional Information Centers, BOCES (Board of Cooperative Education Services) and constituent School Districts. SchoolSource Technologies will be collaborating and developing strategic partnering programs with the industry’s best-in-class products, provide integrated comprehensive solutions for solving new problems, and provide efficient alternatives to outdated solutions. 

Michael J. Espina, President, Managing Partner
631-638-5280 x 2001



SPD Control Systems Corporation
SCSC is a CleanTech company offering state-of-the-art electronic control systems to operate Suspended Particle Device (SPD) SmartGlass Windows using our patented technology. SPD SmartGlass together with our electronic controllers and systems provides electrically adjustable tintable glass to reduce the amount of solar energy passing through windows thereby reducing HVAC and artificial lighting requirements. The primary markets for SPD SmartGlass are automotive, architectural (residential and commercial), aerospace, railway and marine. 

John Petraglia
Peter Solaski

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