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Jack  Tawil


Jack is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Medpod. Medpod is leading the way in the creation of a more efficient and well distributed global healthcare delivery system through the deployment of the company’s proprietary and exclusive technologies. Medpod’s purpose built Medical Access Points (MAP’S) coupled with its aggregated cloud based telemedicine and efficiency systems enable remote reimbursable healthcare on par with face to face visits. Prior to founding Medpod Jack was the was founder, chairman and CEO of CheckUps, which pioneered Wal-Mart’s convenient care program and became the largest operator with 23 locations across multiple states. Jack Tawil began his career in retail. He founded Swatch Express in 1990, and subsequently created Suisse American, a multi-national corporation with offices in Zurich, London, and New York. He has worked closely with some of the most renowned retailers in the world including Harrods; the famous London-based department store; and Faconnable. Additionally, Tawil was a partner in SRJ Financial Group, a New York-based broker dealer / investment bank as well as being a founding board member of the Convenient Care Association and Chairman of the Board of the U.S. Friends of Lirot – the leading funding source for vison research in Israel.