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2019 Expert Speakers

CEWIT2019 features a strong program of speakers who are experts in their field, and who will share their cutting-edge research and ideas with attendees.


  • Pekka Abrahamsson, PhD
    Professor of Information Systems and Software Engineering University of Jyväskylä Expertise & Interests Dr. Abrahamsson is the co-founder of the Software Startup Research Network (SSRN) and a seasoned expert in leading international research projects.
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  • Ambassador Ido Aharoni
    Global Distringuished Professor, Principal NYU,  Emerson Rigby Ltd. Expertise & Interests Ambassador Ido Aharon is a Global Distinguished Professor at NYU, a Member of International Advisory Council, APCO Worldwide, a 25-year veteran of Israel’s Foreign service, and is a co-founder and Principal at Emerson Rigby.
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  • Ali Asmari, PhD
    Program Manager- Robotics Roadworks and Excavation Systems ULC Robotics  Expertise & Interests  Dr. Asmari focus is on A.I., machine learning, Computer vision and robotics. 
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  • Peter Beling, PhD
    Distringuished Professor University of Virginia Expertise & Interests Dr. Beling’s research interests are in the area of decision-making in complex systems, with emphasis on adaptive decision support systems and on model-based approaches to system-of-systems design and assessment.
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  • Voramon Deeradhada, PhD
    Senior Materials Scientist GE Global Research Expertise & Interests Her areas of expertise include high temperature structural materials for aerospace and power generation, additive manufacturing,  thermodynamic, metallic coatings, characterization, and machine learning.
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  • James Xiaojiang Du, PhD
    Professor & Director of Security and Networking (SAN) Lab Temple University Expertise & Interests Dr. Xiaojiang Du's research interests are security, wireless networks, and systems. He won the best paper award at IEEE GLOBECOM 2014 and the best poster runner-up award at the ACM MobiHoc 2014.
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  • Achille Fokoue
    Principal Research Staff Member and Master Inventor IBM Expertise & Interests Mr. Fokoue has lead various research efforts on applying machine learning and knowledge representation and reasoning in many domains.

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  • Raju Gottumukkala, PhD
    Director of Research of Informatics Research Institute & Professor University of Louisiana Lafayette Expertise & Interests  Dr. Gottumukkala's  research interests are in the areas of cyber-physical systems, distributed computing and data mining.
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  • Dan Holewienko
    Executive Director, Big Data and Business Intelligence Henry Schein Inc. Expertise & Interests Mr. Holewienko has 20+ year experienced Technology Executive in the Healthcare, Financial Services, Media, Education, and Retail industries.
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  • Florence D. Hudson 
    Founder, CEO FD Hint, LLC  Expertise & Interests Ms. Hudson's areas of expertise include artificial intelligence, big data & analytics, blockchain, connected healthcare, cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), and Smart Cities.
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  • Joseph Jankowski, PhD
    Senior Advisor to the Chief Innovation Officer Henry Ford Health System Expertise & Interests Dr. Jankowski's interests are in innovation and entrepreneurship space, biomedical opportunity and healthcare infrastructure.
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  • Shantenu Jha, PhD
    Chair, Center for Data Driven Discovery Brookhaven National Laboratory Expertise & Interests Mr. Jha's research interests are at the intersection of high-performance distributed computing and computational & data science.
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  • Pat Narendra, PhD
      Pat Narendra
     Product & Solution Strategy and Innovation Zebra Technologies Expertise & Interests Mr. Narendra has a PhD in EE/CS from Purdue University (his thesis on Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning resulted in over a dozen refereed journal articles with over 4000 citations) and spent his early career in computer vision and signal processing research in Honeywell.
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  • Steve Rogers
    Vice President Blockchain Initiatives for Supply Chain Platform Services  IBM  Expertise & Interests Mr. Rogers has been working at IBM for more than 30 years. He become VP of Supply Chain Transformation and shortly after the VP of Blockchain Insitatives for Supply Chain Platform Services.
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  • Steve Skiena, PhD
    Professor,  Director of the Institute for AI-Driven Discovery and Innovation Stony Brook University Expertise & Interests Professor Skiena's research interests include the design of graph, string, and geometric algorithms, and their applications (particularly to biology).
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  • Hidekazu Taoka, PhD
    Executive Director of Corporate Division DOCOMO Healthcare, Inc. Expertise & Interests Mr. Taoka has played a leading role in identifying the fifth-generation (5G) key technologies in a project in which more than 20 partners participated throughout EU.
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  • Tomi Teikko
     Founder & Advisor Tieto Corporation Expertise & Interests Mr. Teikko's interests include empathic reality, IoT, human behavior vs. digitalization and music.
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  • Dan Wang, PhD
    Associate Professor The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Expertise & Interests Mr. Wang is an expert in computer networking, and he is recently working in the inter-discipline domains of smart energy systems, industry 4.0.
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Panel Moderated by The New York Academy of Sciences

A.I. and Climate Change: Improving Prediction, Measuring Impact, and Driving Adaptation 


Dr. Jennifer Costley- The New York Academy of Sciences

Dr. Minghua Zhang- Provost, Stony Brook University

Kerstin Kleese Van Dam- Brookhaven National Lab

Dr. David Rolnick- University of Pennsylvania