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Our History

Over a Decade of International Success

The Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology at Stony Brook University has been organizing the annual CEWIT Conference since its commencement in 2003. The CEWIT Conference has gained international recognition as one of the premier conferences on the development and application of emerging technologies, bringing together academic research and industry innovations at a single forum. The goal of the CEWIT Conference at large is to disseminate innovative solutions and research findings to address major technical challenges facing the development of a smarter global environment. The relevance of information technology in addressing the challenges in healthcare, energy, and infrastructure has been more important in the last decade than ever. 

The CEWIT Conference continues to usher in ground-breaking forums for the new decade by introducing internationally renowned CEWIT Conferences in Songdo, Korea, a collaborative effort with CEWIT Korea. Now that we embark on a new era of more complex challenges and rapid advancement, the CEWIT Conference strives to unify the technical world to both discuss and seek resolution to these increasing complexities and emphasize the imminent need for emerging technologies. The mission remains of the CEWIT Conference to build connectivity between academia and industry in a way that pursues the most effective and efficient means of securing a smarter world for us all.


CEWIT2018 Conference

Our October 2018 program held at the CEWIT, Stony Brook, NY welcomed a 50/50 blend of industry and academia participants across 6 countries, with chief and director level executives accounting for 40% of the audience base. A total of 17 presenters took the podium and talked about Personalized Medicine, Machine Learning, Supply Chain, Data Science and much more.

The Conference additionally hosted over 30 high-profile regional and international exhibitors across IT, Engineering, Health, Law, Education, and Media sectors, as well as a 21 company delegation form Korea in over 150 privately held business-to-business meetings.