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Hack@CEWIT 2019 Workshops and Tech Talks


Friday, February 15

Zero-Hero: Designing & Building Robots & IoT Devices with Snappy.XO
In this workshop, participants will learn to use a new modular and open architecture design-driven robotics kit called SnappyXO ( for designing and building robots and structures. Anyone designing and building a robot for the hackathon is strongly encouraged to attend this workshop as they will be building their bots using the SnappyXO kits supplied to the interested teams.
Softheon: Wallet API
The Softheon Wallet is a RESTful web service designed to enable applications to securely and easily accept payments while minimizing your PCI-DSS scope.
Henry Schein:  Exploring the World of Big Data and Machine Learning AI
Data is exploding, as is our appetite to consume it. Learn what Big Data is, why it’s significant, what is today’s Data Landscape and why traditional Data Stores are insufficient.You will explore real-world Big Data and Machine Learning Use-Cases from brand-name Healthcare, e-Commerce, Media, and Finance organizations that have used these technologies to produce game-changing results.
 Zero to Hero: Electronics Circuit & Arduino
In this workshop, participants will get a basic orientation to designing and prototyping electronics circuit and programming using Arduino. This will be facilitated through a Mechatronics kit supplied to the participants building IoT devices or robots.
Softheon: UI
Get started with Softheon's Workshop UI: a modern front-end framework with prebuilt CSS and Angular components for streamlined web development.
Zero to Hero: Intro to Web
Interested in creating your own website and don't know where to start? This workshop will teach the basics of HTML, CSS, and JS for web development. You'll learn how to design and script your site, as well as some of the popular libraries used on the web.
Softheon: Enterprize API
While content management can be a hassle, Enterprise API makes it easy as a RESTful web service. Join Softheon’s Enterprise API Zero-to-Hero talk to see how Enterprise API can be your content management solution.
ULC Robotics: Arduino and Raspberry Pi
A Box of Serial - real world interaction using Arduino and Raspberry Pi  with ULC Robotics' Electrical Engineer, Ryan Goldband
 Zero to Hero: Arduino
Let us prepare your software and your mind! Setting up the Arduino IDE and an introduction into the Arduino board. Learn basic GPIO, Analog input and Serial communication so that you can program an Arduino "Hello World"! Discover more advanced ways to interface with your Arduino; digital interfaces and webservers.
Zero to Hero: LocalHost Blockchain
During this workshop, you'll learn the basics of blockchain technology, what this means for the future of the internet, what makes Quorum different, and how to interact with your own decentralized application built on the Quorum network.
Zero to Hero: Raspberry Pi
Ever wonder what a Raspberry Pi is? Get the lowdown on how to get started with this cheap delicious computer in your hack. Introduction to OpenHAB, an open-source framework for home automation and Internet-Of-Things (IoT) device networking. This session will consist of a hands-on tutorial and workshop in which participants will learn the fundamentals of the OpenHAB framework using a Raspberry Pi.


Saturday, February 16 

ULC Robotics:  Rise Above It
This workshop will show you the technology behind unmanned aerial services. Ran by ULC Robotics' UAV Program Manager, Mike Passaretti, and UAV Pilots, Kevin Dover, Chris Maier and Kris Heinssen.
Softheon: OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect
As IoT continues to grow, more devices are communicating with each other using web APIs. As a result, understanding web API security is becoming increasingly important. This talk will educate you about OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. We'll be discussing what OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect are, how it protects web APIs from malicious users, and how to use it.
Google Cloud Platform: The Cloud Study Jam
The Cloud Study Jam is a workshop that provides hands-on experience with topics like cloud console, machine learning, IoT, security, and app dev. Everyone participating in the workshop will receive: Hands-on practice with the Google Cloud Platform’s fundamental tools and services, unlimited one-month pass for all Qwiklabs, a $70+ value, free of charge, continue access after event to learn more about using Google Cloud and AWS and earn digital badges to show skills, expertise and share with future employers.
Intro to Machine Learning
Machine learning is one of the fastest growing fields in tech. In this workshop you will gain a basic knowledge of machine learning, and explore the power of machine learning by using multiple machine learning APIs together. We will also train and deploy a TensorFlow model to Cloud ML Engine for serving
Softheon: How to Ace a Technical Interview
Acing a technical interview can be hard, getting through the door can be even harder. Join Softheon's Technical Interviewing session to learn the tips and tricks on making your resume stand out and making you stand out in a technical interview.
SBCS: Git Workshop
Learn how to utlize one of the most powerful version control systems to maintain and protect your codebase. Understanding the theory of how Git works as well as how to use Git on the command line. Never feel lost using Git again.
Softheon: Fast, Secure Deplotments with Docker on Amazon Web Services
Want to catch up the latest trends for software deployment? If so, check out the containerization with Docker at Softheon's Tech Talk!
Softheon: Automated United Testing Best Practices
Refactor with confidence. Join Softheon’s Unit Testing session to learn how to design unit tests and how to make your code testable.
Wifi-MAC Layer Architecture for IoT
  Wi-FI MAC layer is the second layer (i.e. after physical layer) in Wi-Fi stack which is crucial in communication and forming networks. Wi-Fi MAC architectures will cover all possible Wi-Fi modes (AP, ad-hoc, monitor, etc) setups, deep dive on how they work (e.g. BSS, beacon, associations/authentication), and how to break each of them. We will be using couple of raspberry pis for the demos and to look into MAC layer security. Furthermore, Current W-Fi modes are designed for stationary computers, not robotics nor IOT. Thus, there is a fundamental mismatch between what WI-Fi MAC layer provides to Wi-Fi users and what they need. We will be going over these limitations and how overcome some of them. We will also discuss a new paradigm of communication called data-centric communication and how it might help with the issues of current architectures.
Interface Design Workshop
Learn how to develop user-first interfaces with impactful interactions, clear visual hierarchy, thoughtful color schema, and a strong sense of aesthetic unity. It is recommended (but not required) that participants come with a project they would like to workshop.
MLH: Dorm Room to Board Room
We have all heard about huge business successes that started in dorm rooms: Dell, Yahoo, Google and Facebook. What steps should you take to position your great ideas to support such a business? SBU's own, Jon Gottfried, Co-Founder of MLH will full us in!
SoMAS: Getting Started in Electronic Design
Electronic troubleshooting is like code debugging: work down from the total system to locate the specific subsystem that is malfunctioning, then develop a fix. Electronic design is like code writing: build simple, robust, testable subsystems, then combine them to achieve a large and complex result. This session will discuss starter kits and projects, good reference books, sources for parts and tools, the wonderful world of surplus vendors, schematics, building "one off" projects, and designing PC boards.
ULC Robotics:  On the Road to Artificial Intelligence
This workshop is an introduction to machine learning using open source tools. Ran by ULC Robotics' Robotics Roadworks Program Manager, Ali Asmari.
Viacom: Personalization using Recommender Systems
Top to bottom insight into the concepts, algorithms, and infrastructure of a data pipeline to personalize applications.
Blockchain Workshop
Not just Bitcon's Incorruptible Ledger. Learn about the algorithms behind blockchains, how they work and how they are currently being deployed.
WiCS: Crafting your Hack into a Final Product
Your hack may not be done yet, but that's okay! Learn how to show off what you do have and how to sell it to the judges.