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CEWIT2015 Conference

October 19 & 20, 2015 - The CEWIT2015 Conference
CEWIT2015 is the premier international forum on the applications of emerging technologies in infrastructure, healthcare, and energy, which are three of the most critical components of a smarter global environment. The New York State Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) at Stony Brook University has been organizing this annual international conference since 2003 with a repertoire that has expanded significantly over the years to now encompass information dissemination, IT entrepreneurship, and elaborate cross-disciplinary research. The CEWIT Conference has gained international recognition as one of the leading conferences on the development and application of emerging technologies, bringing together academic research and industry innovations at a single forum. The goal of the CEWIT Conference at large is to disseminate innovative solutions and research findings to address major technical challenges facing the development of a smarter global environment. The relevance of information technology in addressing the challenges in healthcare, energy, and infrastructure has been more important in the last decade than ever

Big Data Tutorials

October 20, 2015 - SBU CEWIT/CET Software Training: Python Data Analytics, R Data Mining
The Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) partners with the Center for Corporate Education at Stony Brook University and the NYC Data Science Academy to offer Big Data and Data Science Tutorials on programming languages Python and R. The Two, 3-hour, for-pay, workshops, instructed by experts from the NYCDSA Team and certified by CET will run in parallel to the CEWIT2015 Conference on October 19, 2015, at the Melville Marriott Long Island. The Python Data Analytics Workshop with  cover NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, SciPy; R Data Mining Workshop on Caret, Rpart, RandomForest, GBM, Boosting. Beginner-intermediate level material, Reserve Your Seat

Alan Alda Center Industry Initiative

October 15 & 16, 2015 - The Alda Center Industry Initiative: Training Scientists and Engineers to Connect with Diverse Audiences
Explaining complex technical and scientific concepts can be critical when seeking funding, closing a sale or contract, or establishing solid relations with your surrounding communities. No one should be better equipped for this than your company’s scientists and engineers, but do they have the training necessary for doing it successfully? The Alda Center Industry Initiative was created to prepare technical professionals with this expertise. During this two-day workshop attendees will work with experts in communication, technical journalism, and the performing arts to acquire advanced training in structuring technical content, building rapport and connection, and presenting with authority to diverse audiences. Day 1: Rethinking Fundamental Skills, Day 2: Applying Skills, Register Today .

CS Tech Day 2015

September 18, 2015 - Stony Brook University Computer Science Tech Day 2015: CS Interface: Multimedia, VR, and Gaming
CS Tech Day will welcome international, national, and local companies and will bring together researchers and industry leaders; start-up and top technology companies; and employers and job seekers. It is a unique opportunity for companies to interact with students and faculty at an event that celebrates computer science at Stony Brook University. Agenda to include employer Job & Internship Fair; student Fast Forward session showcasing their latest digital media research/projects; industry lead Human Computer Interaction (HCI) panel focusing on the importance of the User Experience (UX) in software development and featuring panelists from , Consortium for Digital Arts, Culture, and Technology ( ), and   programming contest; and a 20th anniversary celebration of the Multimedia Lab.  More Information and Registration

CDDA Spring 2015 Workshop

May 12, 2015 -  Center for Dynamic Data Analytics Spring 2015 Workshop and IAB Meeting
On May 12, 2015, the Center for Dynamic Data Analytics at Stony Brook University will host a half-day and a full day workshop and meeting of the Industrial Advisory Board for current and prospective industrial members of the National Science Foundation Industry/University Center for Dynamic Data Analytics (CDDA). The workshop agenda details the presentations and plans for the two-day event.   

The CDDA provides a forum for industry/university cooperative research and development that advances the knowledge, understanding, and application of complex, large scale, multi-dimensional, dynamic data.

During the workshop, CDDA leaders Ari Kaufman (Stony Brook) and Dimitris Metaxas (Rutgers) will present current and future research efforts that focus on dynamic and massive data analytics. The goals of the workshop are to: 1) discuss the Center's vision and goals; 2) inform current and prospective members about membership opportunities and benefits; 3) provide a status report of current research activities and ascertain the level of interest in potential new Center research activities; 4 ) gain industry perspective on research efforts; and 5) obtain guidance from NSF personnel representing the I/UCRC program.

Converging Sciences Summit

April 27, 2015 -  Stony Brook University: Converging Science Summit, Community Engagement and Population Health
The mission of the annual interdisciplinary health science summit is to bring together social and health scientists, technologists, humanities and arts scholars from around the country and across a broad spectrum of disciplines to explore the human experience and contribute to the creation of enhanced systems for healthcare.  Mentor/Mentee Program to run in conjunction with the Summit, providing both mentors and mentees with a wonderful opportunity to make connections and develop community-engaged work.

Entrepreneur's Toolkit Workshop Spring 2015

April 21, 2015 - CEWIT Presents The Entrepreneur's Toolkit
Welcoming the return of the in demand CEWIT2014 IT business workshop, The Entrepreneur's Toolkit. The program will feature special presentations by noted experts providing with a “how to” slant about tools for Wireless and IT entrepreneurship--including areas such as licensing, intellectual property, patent eligibility for software, and copyrighting software products. 

Presenters include Gavin Grusd of Silverman Acampora, Anthony Bennett of Hoffmann & Baron, Lori Hoberman of Hoberman Law Group, Gary Kane of Chimera Strategies, Alon Kapen of Farrell Fritz, Neil Kaufman of Abrams Fensterman, Russell Artzt of CA Technologies (Co-Founder), Andrew Hazen (Serial Entrepreneur), Leslie Whatley of START-UP NY, and with a special Welcome by Yacov Shamash, Vice President of Economic Development and Dean of CEAS at Stony Brook University.

SBEC 2015

February-March, 2015 - Stony Brook University Entrepreneurship Challenge 2015
Calling All Students: Do you have a cool business idea? Then sign up for the Stony Brook Entrepreneurship Challenge (SBEC) and win a share of $50,000 toward making your idea into a company. With the assistance of LaunchPad Stony Brook to encourage SBU student entrepreneurs, the Challenge will help you prepare to pitch your idea to a campus panel of experienced venture investors, entrepreneurs, and business services professionals - and go onto the regional and state competitions for more funding if you choose. You will be assigned a New York State Small Business Development Center business advisor and have access to intensive mentoring based on techniques from a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur to help you develop your business model, practice your pitch and become a partner of Stony Brook's "Cradle to Fortune 500 " suite of business development progra m s . Open to any student/any level/any program .

Recruiting Opportunities SBU

February 19 & 20, 2015 - IT, Engineering Job & Internships Fairs
Companies, Recruit Interns from Stony Brook University!   Two of the two biggest recruiting events of the season are coming up soon. All dates/details and registration instructions are here:  Spring 2015 Recruiting Events Calendar . For more information contact: Andréa Lipack, Associate Director of Employer Relations:  631-632-6892 .

Winter, Spring 2015 Events

January 20, 2015 - Introduction to the Semantic Web
The Stony Brook Semantic Web is for people to discuss, face-to-face, the semantic web, linked data, and related technologies, especially those of the W3C. This group will encourage and promote the sharing of ideas, technical knowledge, and experiences. For more information about the Semantic Web, please refer to this link Anyone interested is welcome to join!  Meetings will be held at Stony Brook University campus

January 26, 2015 - Stony Brook University, Department of Computer Science: Distinguished Lecture Series, Math & Science in the Simpsons and Futurama
Dr. Jeff Westbrook is best known for his work as a TV writer but prior to that he was a successful algorithms researcher. He majored in physics and history of science at Harvard University and received his PhD in computer science from Princeton University. Westbrook was a faculty member at Yale University and researcher at AT&T Laboratories before heading west to work in the television industry.  January 26, 2015 , CEWIT Room 200,  2:30PM

January 30, 2015 -  Long Island Capital Alliance: Technology Capital Forum
The capital forum provides an opportunity to meet capital providers, entrepreneurs, executives and businesses seeking capital, as well as to hear a panel of industry experts discuss technology companies. Featured Big Data Keynote, CA Founder & CEWIT Advisory Board Chairman, Russ Artzt. 

Beyond-The-Grid Sustainability Lecture Series

Winter 2014 | 2015 - Beyond-The-Grid Sustainability Lecture Series
CEWIT will host the first talk by Ray Larsen,  Humanitarian Technology and Sustainability: Off-Grid Electrification in Haiti, on Monday, November 24, 2014 at 4:30 PM.

Ray Larsen is a former head of electronics at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, one of 10 Department of Energy Office of Science laboratories. He is currently a project manager leading the implementation of new instrument standards for the LCLS-II accelerator LLRF and BPM systems. In 2009, Larsen became a volunteer leader for a working group of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Humanitarian Challenge, a project formed in partnership with the United Nations Foundation and Vodafone Corporation. The initiative explores how the 400,000-member IEEE engineering community could help fulfill the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and IEEE’s charter of "bringing the benefits of technology to all the peoples of the world." Larsen’s working group, Reliable Electricity Community Solutions, was formed to develop synergistic business
partnerships that execute reliable electricity and related programs in developing countries. 

CEWIT2014 Conference

October 29 & 30, 2014 -  CEWIT2014 Conference  
The CEWIT2014 Conference welcomed over 500 attendees from 12 countries to the two-day program at the Melville Marriott Long Island, Melville, New York on October 29 & 30, 2014. The program featured keynotes Ido Aharoni, General Consul of Israel in New York; Thomas Bianculli, Senior Director of the Emerging Business Office at Motorola Solutions; and Richard Bravman, Chief Operating Officer of Affinity Solutions, Inc., respectively giving powerful presentations on the relevancy of IT in diplomacy, the ubiquity of connectivity, and the big data-driven market.

Over 55 presenters took the podium in 8 breakout sessions on Big Data Architecture and Analytics, IT and Society, Smart Energy and Urban Systems, Networks, Clouds, and Security, Health Technologies and Medical Devices, and the Internet of Things. An additional 13 distinguished intellectual property lawyers and venture capital professionals lead an IT Entrepreneurship series featuring a Venture Capital Panel, Clinic for Early Phase and Startup Company Pitches, and Workshop focused on the Essential Toolkit for IT Entrepreneurs. Parallel Big Data and Data Science Tutorials hosted a full house of attendees learning the fundamentals of programming languages R, Python, and Hadoop. 

The atrium show floor was the focal point of the conference hosting over 30 high-profile exhibitors across IT, Engineering, Health, Law, Education, and Media sectors, accompanied by the 65+ Research Poster Session showcasing a wealth of current technical research at Stony Brook University and beyond. Over 130 national and international companies and universities were represented at the event supported by major contributions from CA Technologies and Cisco Systems, Inc. with Motorola Solutions, Softheon, SVAM, Stony Brook University, Verizon, CEWIT & SUNY Korea, Flextrade, Hoffman & Baron, LLP, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Farrell Fritz, Unify, Henry Schein, F. Chau & Associates, and LIFT, with technical co-sponsorship by IEEE Region 1 and its Long Island Section. 

We generously thank all of our sponsors, exhibitors, presenters, and attendees for working to make the 2014 Conference another great success. Be sure to visit the  Conference Photo Album!

Big Data Tutorials: CEWIT2014

October 30, 2014 - Big Data and Data Science Tutorial Session
The CEWIT2014 Conference, in conjunction with  The NYC Data Science Academy and  Stony Brook University, is pleased to offering a number quarter day tutorials in Big Data and Data Science. Tutorials include Big Data by Hadoop, Data Science by R, and Data Science by Python. 

SBU Unhackathon

September 20 & 21, 2014 - The Unhackathon at AlleyNYC
Stony Brook University is building a hackathon where talented makers and creators of all kinds can code their hearts out. Unhackathon will emphasize mentorship, learning, and diversity of hackers and awards, hoping to find not just the coolest hacks, but the greatest. Awards will recognize qualities like technical ambition, thoughtful code, inspired design, and potential for improvements beyond the hackathon. Unhackathon will take place over 36 hours from September 20 to 21st. Hackers are encouraged to learn new skills and technologies by making API resources, hardware and interesting data sets available to everyone. The event will include many inspiring working spaces and advice from mentors coming from the best NYC tech companies and startups. 

CS Tech Day

September 12, 2014 - Computer Science Technology Day
The Department of Computer Science (CS) and the Career Center at Stony Brook University will welcome international, national, and local companies to Computer Science Technology Day (#CSTECHSBU). This event will bring together researchers and industry leaders; start-up and top technology companies; and employers and job seekers. Attendees will be part of the grand opening of the National Security Institute (NSI) at Stony Brook University and learn the latest in cybersecurity research. The Fast Forward portion of the day will include over 100 research and technology presentations. Meet with graduate student and faculty researchers as you view 150+ poster presentations. Share your knowledge and connect with CS at Computer Science Technology Day.

Venture E-Vent

September 12, 2014 - The First Annual VENTure Think Tank E-Vent
Stony Brook University's VENTure Think Tank, CEWIT, and United Way LI, will host the first annual E-Vent, a forum for discussion on the policies and technology innovations to address the unmet needs of individuals who are dependent on ventilators.

CDDA Spring 2014 Workshop

May 7 & 8, 2014 -  CDDA Spring 2014 Workshop and IAB Meeting  
Center for Dynamic Data Analytics(CDDA)  is a National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored Industry and University Cooperative Research Program  (I/UCRC)  established between Stony Brook University and Rutgers University. The Center focuses on data sets that are massive, dynamic, complex and multidimensional, or what is commonly known as Big Data, to discover, develop and apply data analytics solutions to industry problems such that the chaotic data is transformed into knowledge and industry products. On May 7 and 8, 2014, the Center will host a half-day and a full day Spring 2014 Workshop and meeting of the Industrial Advisory Board for current and prospective industrial members of the National Science Foundation Industry/University CDDA. The workshop will discuss current and future research efforts that focus on dynamic and massive data analytics while garnering both industry and NSF insight.


CEWIT Open House

May 7, 2014 -   The Open House at CEWIT
The Open House at CEWIT is a collaborative effort to display the Center’s technologies and commercialization possibilities to participants from industry and start-up entrepreneurs. CEWIT will be opening its doors to attendees from different constituencies for an opportunity to tour the facility, its labs, visit incubator companies, and learn about Center’s research initiatives. Faculty, incubators, and supporting companies will be presenting talks, demos, and providing discussion on their research and technologies. 


XLDB Healthcare Workshop

May 6 & 7, 2014 -  XLDB Healthcare Workshop  
The joint XLDB-Stony Brook invitation-only workshop will explore the application of advanced large-scale data analytics to healthcare. The event will bring together national healthcare experts and thought leaders to provide a collaborative and interactive forum for cross-pollination between healthcare leaders and data analytics experts from academia, technology companies, and industries like social media, retail, entertainment, and manufacturing along with leaders in biomedical informatics and other fields. The goal of this workshop will be to seek innovative yet practical solutions, leveraging existing and near-future extreme scale data sets in combination with "Big Data" technologies in databases, analytics, and NoSQL to optimize efficiency and quality in healthcare delivery.


Crowdfunding Workshop

April 30, 2014 -  Crowdfunding Workshop
In an effort to stimulate economic growth in the startup and emerging business sectors, Congress is working on new rules and regulations that will make it easier for businesses to raise capital directly from the public. To raise awareness of this initiative, the  Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT)NYSTARSensor CAT, and the  Center for Biotechnologypresent the  Crowdfunding Workshop, a forum on the latest economic growth and fundraising tool.


Softheon Marketplace Summit 2014

April 6 & 7, 2014 -  Softheon Marketplace Summit  
The first annual Softheon Marketplace Summit 2014 will provide Healthcare Executives and our valued Health Plan Partners with an industry affair experience unlike any other. Collaborative discussions will include a wide range of topics related to Plan Year 2014 and 2015, featuring lessons learned and necessary preparations for offering qualified health plans (QHPs) on Health Insurance Marketplaces (HIMs). Dialogue will explore the current pain points for health plans looking to participate in HIMs, Softheon MC2 success stories, and trend projections for subsequent plan years.

Fall/Winter -  2013-2014 Computer Science Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS)  
The series, held at CEWIT throughout the fall and winter months, features talks by distinguished computer science professors and chairs from across the nation to help motivate students to become more involved i n resear c h init i a t i v e s See schedule   f o r   p a s t   a n d   u p c o m i n g t a l k s .

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