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Nicole Tricoukes

Senior Maverick
Zebra Technologies

Nicole Tricoukes is making the futuristic visions in science fiction a reality by expanding the human possibilities of enterprise wearable technologies with intuitive heads-up display systems and advanced augmented and virtual reality experiences, making the future of interactive work seamless.

Nicole is focused on future enterprise AR/VR systems and emerging wearable technologies for the chief technology office at Zebra Technologies. Nicole was previously in charge of the Motorola Solutions headset computer program. Formerly a member of a TSA federal task force to help protect airlines, Nicole worked across disciplines for Tiffany & Co. and consulted through A.T. Kearney before joining Symbol Technologies and Motorola Solutions to help drive the adoption of new product innovations with external technology partners. Featured by the media on the future of enterprise wearable computing, Nicole presented at leading industry conferences such as Mobile World Congress and TEDxSiliconAlley and events at Xerox PARC. Nicole collaborated with the White House CTO and Office of Science and Technology Policy in support of the U.S. response to the Ebola epidemic and authored Congressional testimony on disruptive wearable technologies for Zebra’s CTO.

Nicole graduated top ranked from Northwestern University in 2002 and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2000. Nicole has a master’s in integrated marketing communications and bachelor’s in management with a minor in French. Nicole holds 9 patents with several patents pending.