With over 70 associated faculty members, 190 PhD and 180 Master students, Stony Brook's Center of Excellence in Wireless & Information Technology is a next generation research and educational facility. Our new building (opened in March, 2009), featured on the home page, offers over 100,000 square feet of lab space.

Over the past decade, Information Technology has been responsible for one-third of the growth of the entire U.S. economy with revenues nearing $200 billion. As a result, IT jobs have grown by more than half a million nationally and, it should be noted, are 75 percent better paying than the average private sector wage during the same period.

As information technology was carving a broad global niche, Long Island was emerging as a leading worldwide center for information technology in the U.S. To best capitalize on this advantage, spur economic growth, advance scientific research and develop the technologies of tomorrow, the Center of Excellence In Wireless and Information Technology was created in 2003. Also known as CEWIT, the Center is a next generation research and educational facility whose vision is four-fold: become recognized as a world leader in wireless and IT, conduct first-class interdisciplinary research in the emerging, critical technologies of the information age, address the skilled technology worker shortage, and foster new enterprise development.

Now in its 6th year, the center has over 70 associated faculty members, 190 Ph.D. and 180 MS students engaged in research at the Center. The Center has obtained more than twelve patents in just the last two years.

Over the last four years, the Center has worked hard to build strategic alliances and business partnerships among the academic, scientific, and business communities. Our partners include some of the world's best known and most sophisticated giants of wireless and information technology including IBM and Cisco Systems. We are also developing relationships with other leading universities and research institutions. Long Island is home to more than two thousand information technology companies, world renowned scientific institutions, and has produced significant technical advances over the last century. The Center is building on these past achievements and has lay the foundation for R&D partnerships with its partners and sponsors. Please click here to view our partners.

CEWIT has established New York as a national leader in these technologies. CEWIT is an unparalleled resource, advancing the science and technology underlying the next epoch of the information revolution. Guided by innovative industrial partnerships, the programs not only address science and technology issues, but culminate in the transfer to commercial applications, resulting in increased employment through established ventures and the creation of new enterprises within the State.

Research Areas

The Center's research areas are diverse and cover distributed robotics, expressive and hybrid networks, mobile computing, wireless networks, cyber security, computer vision and image processing, RF systems, microwave sensors, wireless sensor networks, computational genetics and protein docking, computational neurobiology, virtual reality, effective bandwidth utilization, wireless protocols, wireless ad hoc networks and wireless gateways. Our research topics range from materials to components to systems and address devices and communications, networking, software systems, and solutions/applications for vertical markets. Please click here to view our Research Activities.


Since its inception, the Center has focused initially on three major markets; health care systems, transportation systems, and m-commerce systems. The $1.3 trillion U.S. health care market remains plagued by low productivity and rapidly rising costs. The $1 trillion U.S. transportation market critically needs to reduce costs and improve safety and reliability. E-commerce and m-commerce markets continue to grow rapidly. The technologies emerging from the Stony Brook Center of Excellence now serve as driving forces in advancing these three important markets. We are now including the financial markets as another focus area for research and commercialization.

Education, Training & Outreach

Building upon Stony Brook's successful past educational efforts, the Center has also developed innovative efforts to address the critical shortage of information technology workers, at both entry and advanced levels. As IT labor demand continues to increase, a key Center priority will be to develop a continuum of innovative training programs in collaboration with its industry partners, to prepare entry level IT workers and to provide continuous access to both advanced degree training and short courses. This will enable companies to keep employees on the cutting edge of advanced technology. Increased State and industry support has already made it possible for Stony Brook to double the size of its incoming class in Computer Science and Information Systems. Stony Brook ranked #1 in producing Computer Science graduates from all engineering schools in the nation in 2003 and our Computer Science Department is ranked in the top quartile of all computer science departments in the country.

In December of 2006, CEWIT announced OPLITE--Outreach Program for Long Island Technology Education. OPLITE is a new initiative whose mission is to reach and educate high school students about the re-emergence of technology as both an area of study and career goal. The goal of OPLITE is to coordinate the outstanding efforts of Stony Brook's, as well as other academic institutions' outreach programs with the efforts of local and nationally based corporations, who are also reaching out to Long Island and Metropolitan New York area students. Our hope is that a coordinated effort combining the resources and creativity of corporations and academic institutions will have a greater impact on our local high school population and maximize the effectiveness of all outreach efforts. We hope OPLITE will facilitate outreach to more levels of students, K-12, at more school districts throughout our area and with greater frequency.

The scale of the Center's commercial potential is stunning. In the last five years, real business investment in IT equipment and software has more than doubled, to half a trillion dollars, a trend that will only continue, as the US sustains its movement toward a service and information based economy. Funding for the Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology is highly leveraged and provides industry partners with the incentive to invest heavily in new technologies, leading to substantial new revenue flow into the state and the creation of thousands of new high-paying jobs. The University's royalty income, a reflection of the commercial application of its research, is ranked 12th nationally.

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