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The 13 th International Conference & Expo on Emerging Technologies for a Smarter World

Tuesday, November 7 & Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York 

Call for Papers:
Now Open

Since 2003, by the New York State Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) and Stony Brook University

Technical Sponsorship:
CEWIT2017 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE Region 1 and its Long Island section. Peer reviewed conference papers will be submitted for inclusion in the IEEE Xplore online database and EI.

Dr. Shmuel Einav
CEWIT2017 Conference General Chair
CEWIT Director, Medical Technologies Division

Dr. Rong Zhao
CEWIT2017 Program Committee Chair
CEWIT Director, Software Systems Division


  • Forum to highlight CEWIT’s global business culture, academic partners, and R&D expertise
  • Provide valuable national and international exposure: Connect with diverse audiences across borders, disciplines, and industries
  • Emphasize extensive academic participation: Access the leading IT research shaping the solutions of tomorrow
  • Create an environment of untapped opportunities for networking and technology exchange: Researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs converge to share ideas, build partnerships, and bring cutting-edge technology to the marketplace

Focus Areas:

  • Technical Focus: Developments and applications of emerging technologies in Infrastructure, Healthcare, and Energy; three of the most critical components of a smarter global environment
  • Business Focus: Disseminating cutting-edge ideas in IT and driving the local, regional, and global innovation economies
  • Social Focus: Synergy of industry, academia, and government

Technical Sessions:
Internet of Things; Cybersecurity; Health Technologies and Medical Devices; Big Data Analytics and Visualization; Smart Urban Systems; Smart Energy; Information Technology and Society; Technology Entrepreneurship 

International Business-to-Business Company Focus Areas:
Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Healthcare

CEWIT Industry Partners:
Over 130 private and public enterprises are actively involved in the CEWIT Conference. They represent companies at all stages of maturity in the sectors of Management Solutions, Software Development, Communications and Devices, Networks, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Energy Consulting, Law, FinTech, Manufacturing, IoT, Biomedical, Big Data, Business Intelligence and other IT applications. Since its inception in 2003, CEWIT has received more than $160 million from these and other federal and industry partners alike. 
CEWIT Academic Networks:
More than 200 scientists and 45 academic and research institutions in the US and around the world participate in CEWIT Conferences. They represent the top players in CEWIT’s areas of interest, covering all Conference themes. 
CEWIT2017 Program Committee and Advisory Teams: 
AccuVein, Applied DNA Sciences, Asurion, LLC, Brookhaven National Laboratory, CA Technologies, Digital Associates, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Henry Schein Inc., IEEE Region 1 and its Long Island Section, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Intelligent Product Solutions, The New York Academy of Sciences, Northrop Grumman Corporation, The Research Foundation for the State University of New York, Softheon Inc., Stony Brook University, SVAM International, Tyco International, Zebra Technologies Inc.
CEWIT Conference Results:

  • 500 attendees
    • 40% CEO-Director Level
    • 50/50 Industry/Academia representatives
  • Over 15 Countries represented
  • 80 Presenters
  • 45 Exhibitors
  • 175 Unique Participating Business, Colleges, Universities, and Organizations
    • 60/40 National/International
    • 39% Information Technology; 21% Higher Education/Research; 12% respectively Health/Biotech; Law/IP/FinTech; General Media; 4% Government
  • 50 Company Delegation from Israel & Korea
  • 150 Privately held IB2B Meetings with senior officers in IT's top industries
  • IB2B Participants:
    • 100% strongly agree that the networking experience was positive
    • 75% have follow-up meetings scheduled
    • 73% are likely to participate in CEWIT2017, as would recommend this Conference to others

CEWIT Economic Development Results:
CEWIT, along with Stony Brook University’s suite of incubation programs, account for over 50 of the region’s top IT, Clean Energy and Biotechnology startups, with a success rate over 5X the rate typical for new tech ventures.

  • Actively engaged with the University’s 54 resident incubator companies; 9 in-house
  • 2 additional in-house Industry Innovation Centers utilizing CEWIT’s intellectual brainpower and cutting-edge R&D resources to aid in developing real-world solutions and mission-critical applications
    • CA Technologies Innovation Center
    • Zebra Technologies Research Center
  • More than 1,000 technology jobs created/saved
  • 500 projects completed, 36 U.S. patents, 123 invention disclosures, 12 licenses
  • 4 startups created by in-house technologies
    • Natural Language, Self-teaching Webcrawler
    • 3D Biomedical Visualization
    • RFID Identification
    • Web Navigation
  • Supporting 2 New York State tax incentive programs assisting entrepreneur's: Long Island Innovation Hot Spot and STARTUP NY
  • Key next-generation research and educational facility in Stony Brook University’s network of 5 NYSTAR-designated Centers of Excellence and Centers for Advanced technology, including 4 diverse, state-certified incubators

Attendee Information:
Tickets range from $200-300, full 2-day event includes all food, beverage, and admission to Sessions/Panels, Industry Networking Reception & Poster Session. Discounts available for full-time Faculty/Students and IEEE/LIFT/LISTnet members.

Why Attend?:

  • Valuable National and International Exposure: Connect with diverse audiences across borders, disciplines, and industries.
  • Extensive Academic Participation: Access the leading IT research that is shaping the solutions of tomorrow.
  • Untapped Opportunities for Networking and Technology Exchange: Researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs converge to share ideas, build partnerships, and bring cutting-edge technology to the marketplace.

+1 631-216-7000 | 

Interested in sponsoring the CEWIT Conference and CEWIT programs? Learn how to be a part of our trajectory, contact Office of the Vice President for Economic Development at Stony Brook University  VP Coordinator and Director of Special Programs, Kathleen Ferrell at, +1 631-216-7606. 

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